Rainbow Lapis

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Lapis Original Spekkoek
Rich and buttery with a unique blend of aromatic spices, each layer of the lapis cake is baked with care and love - one layer at a time. Available in sizes of 500g and 1kg.
Lapis Pandan
Rich and buttery with the refreshing taste of pandan paired with tropical coconut, this lapis cake is baked layer by layer for a memorable Southeast-Asian flavour. Available in sizes of 500g and 1kg.
Flower Tarts
These buttery tarts, filled with tangy pineapple jam, symbolise prosperity and are perennial local favourites.
Assorted Kueh 12pc Set
An assortment of handcrafted nyonya kuehs, these are prepared daily using the best quality ingredients.
The President Serikaya Cake 6"
This product requires a 2 day pre-order lead time. Rich and thick pandan custard is nested on glutinuous rice which is infused with blue pea flowers. It is a delicious traditional recipe passed down through generations.