[Mooncake Festival] Changi Eats Dino Mooncake (4pcs) by Mdm Ling Bakery (U.P S$64)

U.P S$64


  1. Product comes with the Mooncake Box and Mooncakes only
  2. Product comes with a complimentary pack of Dino Set of 5 Sticker Set
  3. Product comes with a Dino Activity Set (Optional)

Contains the following 4 flavours:

1. Japanese Purple Sweet Potato with Pandan Lotus
2. Savoury Mung Bean with Sesame-Lotus Mooncake
3. Lavalicious Japanese Matcha Mooncake
4. Lavalicious Hong Kong Salted Egg Custard Mooncake

  • First Delivery Date: 13 August 2021
  • Last Delivery Date: 24 September 2021 


  • Dino Activity Pack ($5)
  • None