[CNY Special] Wealth Set (8pax)

1. Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng
2. Yunnans Prosperity Treasure Hot Pot
3. Traditional Salt Baked Chicken
4. Steamed Jade Perch (Spicy Garlic Lime/ HK Style)
5. Sauteed Golden Oyster Mushroom with Asparagus
6. Steamed Tiger Prawns with Fresh Lily Bulb
7. Braised Truffle Ee-Fu Noodles with Fresh Scallops
8. Double Boiled Peach Gum with Snow Pear
9. Freshly Baked Rose Pastry

Reheating instructions for Treasure Hot Pot:

  1.  Pour soup into claypot and bring to boil under low heat for 15-20 minutes
  2.  Lift ingredients at bottom to prevent it from burning
  3.  Ready to serve when all ingredients are well reheated

This product requires a 3 day lead time.

This product is only available for delivery from 18 Jan to 15 Feb 2022.

This outlet will be closed from 31 Jan to 1 Feb 2022.