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Black Forest Gateau
Black Forest Gateau with real black cherries and chocolate bavarois sandwiched in soft chocolate chiffon Size : 7" Weight Approx : 850gm
Chocolate Walnut Cake
Induge in a moist and fluffy chocolate chiffon cake topped with chocolate butter cream and honey coated walnuts Size : 7" Weight Approx : 700gm
Crispy Praline Marmalade
Coated in chocolate ganache filled with homemade marmalade and crispy croquant Size : 5" Weight Approx : 400gm
Exotic Fruit Cake
Light vanilla chiffon adorned with fresh cream, topped and layered with refreshing fruits Size : 7" Weight Approx : 900gm
Ondeh-ondeh Cake
Made with pure pandan juice and juicy coconut shreds cooked slowly in premium Gula Melaka Size : 7" Weight Approx : 750gm
Red Velvet
Scarlet rich and fluffy cake with Philadelphia cream cheese topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries Size : 5" Weight Approx : 500gm
Sea Salt Pecan Caramel Cake
The perfect marriage of salty and sweet! Rich chocolate kirschtote with light cream cheese filling and premium roasted pecans coated in caramel sauce Size : 7" Weight Approx : 880gm
A classic Italian dessert made with rich mascarpone cheese and coffee-soaked layers of vanilla sponge cake
Hanjuku Cheese Cake (6pcs)
Our Hanjuku Cheese has a delicate souffle-like texture, a unique blend of cream cheese that will melt beautifully in your mouth releasing a heart-warming aroma
Cake Lapis Bar
Our homemade lapis is baked layer by layer from a traditional recipe refined by premium ingredients; pure butter, fresh eggs with a unique blend of spices
Prune Lapis
Prune Lapis Bar
Macarons/box (6pcs)
Dark Chocolate Macaron, Matcha Macaron, Earl Grey Macaron, Espresso Macaron, Strawberry Macaron, Citron Macaron (Contains Halal-Certified Gelatine)  
Chocolate Roll
High quality roll cake made with fresh eggs and cocoa powder, rolled in chocolate cream made with imported Japanese cream.
Honey Egg Roll
High quality roll cake made with fresh eggs, clover honey and imported Japanese cream.
Pandan Roll
Made with pure 100% fresh Pandan juice, this pillowy soft Swiss roll is rolled in light coconut cream. Made with no added colourings and preservatives.
Cranberry Pineapple Tart (10 pcs)
Our signature and best seller Cranberry Pineapple Tart proudly highlights locally grown Johor pineapple and US cranberries, cooked to golden perfection with no added artificial flavorings and/or preservatives.
Traditional Pineapple Tart
Our bite-sized pineapple tarts are generously filled with locally grown Johor pineapples, cooked to golden perfection with no added artificial flavourings and / or preservatives.
Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookie
Bite sized crunchy cookies filled with generous amount of Belgium chocolate chips and roasted almond nibs.
Addictive thin biscotti made with dried cranberries, almonds and brown sugar.
Petite Butter Cookie
Using over 30% high quality churned butter, this crumbly butter cookie is a definite crowd pleaser.