Changi Eats Lunch & Refreshment Set Meals

Set Meals

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[Set Meal] Collins
1x Trio Mushroom Aglio Olio 1x Premium Iced Earl Grey Tea
[Set Meal] Dian Xiao Er
1 x Solo Set - Sweet and Sour Pork 1 x Drink
[Set Meal] Pappa Mia
1 x Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken Wing 1 x Iced Lemon Tea (Optional add-on) Steamed Otak Otak
[Set Meal] Saap Saap Thai (Y1+D1+1 Thai Iced Milk Tea)
1 x Tom Yam Sauteed Chicken with Rice 1 x Iced Thai Milk Tea 1 x D1 Mango Tango Classic


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[Refreshments] Maison’s Sweet Treats
1 x Classic Mango Pastry or Classic Blueberry Pastry 1 x Macaron 1 x Americano (Hot)
[Refreshments] O Coffee Club’s Savoury Delights
1 x Croissant 1 x Iced Tea of the Day
[Refreshments] Pret’s Tasty Vegetarian Match
1 x Baguette - Brie, Tomato, Basil (V) 1 x Breakfast Tea
[Refreshments] Tim Ho Wan’s Best Buns Bundle
1 x Baked BBQ Pork Buns (3pcs) 1 x Hong Kong Style Milk Tea