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Iced Chendolicious
National Day Special! A twist on a favorite local dessert - creamy pandan beverage topped with pandan jelly!
Iced Fresh Coconut Latte
The Basic Beach Gift Box
NOW 41% OFF! A homage to days spent frolicking under the sun, snack in hand, getting a tan!
Thai Coffee Paradise Gift Box
NOW 34% OFF! This gift box is a perfect present for coffee fanatics, or java noobs alike!
Banana Chip Original; Healthy and tasty banana snack with no cholesterol or preservatives and low in sodium. Thin, light and highly addictive! In authentic Thai flavour.
Cold Brew Gift Set
Contains the following: – Cold Brew, Medium Roast Intensity Level 4 (3 sachets or 9-10 servings) – Cold Brew, Medium to Dark Roast Intensity Level 6 (3 sachets or 9-10 servings) – 2 Glasses – 1 Glass Flask
A crunchy and addiction shrimp snack!
PAN KLIB (Fish/ Fish&Mushroom)
Thai fried puff with fish and mushrooms.
Perfect Thai Blend
This exclusive set comes with a mix of 4 drip coffee boxes, 2 drip coffee glasses, and an art story tote bag featuring unique hand-drawn illustrations by Thai autistic children. Our drip coffees feature blends from the Royal Project Foundation, as well as efforts supporting the Thai community through fair trade. Makes a total of 20 servings.
A savoury and salty treat!
Egg Cheese Grilled Toast
Everyone's favorite combination of egg and cheese oozing out of a delightful crunchy grilled toast.
Amazon Sunrise
Two egg and cheese grilled toasts with premium grade sausages. Get 2 Cups of Iced Thai Milk Tea at $6.00 (U.P. $12.00) with purchase of this main!
Wholemeal Thai Chicken Wrap
Roasted chicken leg tossed in Thai sweet chilli sauce wrapped in a wholemeal tortilla
Honey Chicken Wings With Waffle
Sweet and sticky wings 6 pcs with toasty waffles make a unique but comforting pairing!
Lasagna (Chicken/Beef/Mushroom)
Savoury layers of tender pasta, creamy cheese and rich meat sauce packing a full-flavour bite
Tom Yum Pasta with Prawns
World-famous spicy and sour concoction - simply must-try! Buy this main and get 2 cups of Yin Yang at $7.00 only (Yin Yang; the perfect blend between high quality Matcha and creamy milk, topped with Café Amazon's signature espresso shot)
Chicken Massaman Curry Pasta
Award winning Thai recipe of mild and flavourful curry. Contains peanuts.
Tom Kha Mushroom Pasta
Coconut cream with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and mushrooms. (Vegetarian option)
Thai Green Curry Chicken Pasta
Coconut milk-based curry made from fresh green chillies and basil leaves. Perfect for the adventure seeker who loves a hearty meal
Parmesan Bolognese Chicken Pasta
Enjoy grated parmesan cheese fused with minced chicken and tomato sauce to bring about a rich, full-bodied pasta to fill your tummy and heart Get $2 off your Iced Chocolate (U.P. S$7.00) with the purchase of this main!
Spicy Salmon Pasta (Signature)
A signature recipe developed exclusively by Cafe Amazon. For our fans who love to push their spiciness limits! Discover this new recipe which we guarantee will be the highlight of your day Get $2 off your Iced Fresh Coconut Latte (U.P $7.9) when purchasing this main!
Baked Salmon with Tom Kha Mushroom
Two baked salmon fillets on a bed of mushrooms stewed in Tom Kha sauce. For a high-protein, no-carb meal!
Traditional Lemongrass Grilled Chicken with Sticky Rice
Fragrant grilled chicken with our signature sticky rice! A light but satisfying meal.
Green Tea Cream with Grilled Toast
Enjoy the varied texture of rich and earthy green tea cream with the crisp bite of our grilled toast. Get Free 1 * DIY Signature Café Amazon Drip Coffee with every purchase!
Tradditional Mango Sticky Rice
Traditional Thai dessert of fresh, ripe mango with steamed glutinous rice and coconut milk. Simply a must-try!
Sausages Platter
A savoury platter of smoked, cheese, and black pepper sausages, served with our signature Thai Spicy Sauce!
Vegetarian Curry Wrap
A tortilla wrap with a vegetarian curry filling!
Traditional Thai Sticky Rice with Dried Shrimp and Fish
Tasty coconut and pandan flavoured sticky rice with savoury and addictive Thai dried fish and dried shrimp toppings! (High in protein too!)
Clear Tom Yum Soup (Salmon & Prawn)
A classic Thai sour and spicy soup with salmons, prawns and mushrooms!
Egg Yolk Pandan Grilled Toast
Our signature thick grilled toast topped with traditional Thai egg yolk threads and a pandan sauce! Get Free 1 * DIY Signature Café Amazon Drip Coffee with every purchase
Cake (1 Slice)
Homemade Flourless Chocolate Cake with Berries
A gooey, yummy flourless chocolate cake! A healthier dessert treat. Get Free 1 * DIY Signature Café Amazon Drip Coffee with every purchase!
Classic Double Chocolate Cookies
Our delicious chocolate-y cookies comes in a pair!
Butter Croissant
Freshly-baked classic buttery goodness
Thai Series Gelato
Our house combination of Thai sweet treats - coconut gelato, egg yolk threads and a brown sugar syrup!
Baked Waffle with butter & honey
Toasty waffles with butter and honey makes the perfect breakfast treat! Get Free 1 * DIY Signature Café Amazon Drip Coffee with every purchase
Muffin Set (2 pcs)
Get Free 1 * DIY Signature Café Amazon Drip Coffee with every purchase
2 Slice Cake Set (U.P $17.40)
4 Slice Cake Set (U.P $34.80)
6 Slice Cake Set (U.P $52.20)
Iced Amazon
Black coffee with a strong flavour
Iced Yin Yang
Premium Matcha Latte, the perfect blend between high quality matcha and creamy milk, topped with Cafe Amazon's signature espresso shot.
Iced White Chocolate Macchiato
White chocolate delight
Iced Honey Lime Black Coffee
The sweetness of honey mixed with lime and coffee. Delicious and refreshing!
Iced Caramel Macchiato
Buttery sweet deliciousness
Iced Bai-Toey Coffee Latte
Traditional pandan coconut latte topped with espresso shot & handcrafted coconut meat.
Iced Coffee Marble
Chewy coffee bites
Iced Black Coffee
Black coffee with medium body
Full and strong Italian fresh brew
American dark delight
Frothy caffeine goodness
Creamy cup of cmoothness
Smooth coffee with chocolate flavour
DIY Drip Coffee
Enjoy fresh coffee brewed to your personal preference, anytime, anywhere! (5 servings/ box) Free Drip Coffee Glass (worth $7.9) every Drip Coffee purchase
Thai Milk Tea
Traditional Thai-style sweetness
Green Tea Latte
Special hot green tea smoothened with milk
Iced Matcha Latte (Upsize)
Full bodied matcha green tea with natural honey
Hot Tea
Iced Lemon Tea
Citrusy black tea to quench your thirst
Iced Black Tea
Iced fresh ceylon black tea
Iced Honey Lime & Jelly Green Tea
Iced green tea with natural honey and fresh lim juice, topped with honey jelly
Coconut Bai-Toey Frappé
A perfect blend of pandan, coconut and fresh milk with pandan jelly, topped with handcrafted coconut meat.
Amazon Frappe
Our special blended recipe
Mocha Frappe
Blended coffee with rich chocolate flavour
White Chocolate Macchiato Frappe
Blended coffee with sweet white chocolate
Caramel Macchiato Frappe
A favourite coffee blend for those with a sweet tooth
Cappuccino Frappe
Blended creamy coffee topped with milk foam
Latte Frappe
Blended light coffee with fresh milk
Green Tea Latte Frappe
Special blended smooth green tea with milk
Thai Milk Tea Frappe
Traditional Thai-style tea blended with creamy milk
Fresh Milk Frappe
Blended sweet and creamy fresh milk
Chocolate Frappe
Chocolatey guilty pleasure blended with creamy milk
Strawberry Cheesecake Frappe
A scrumptious mix of succulent strawberries, cheesecake and cookie crumbs - not to be missed!
Lychee Juice Frappe
A unique fusion of sweet and sour for that thirst-quenching refreshment
Mixed Berry Fruity Frappe
Juicy fruity pleasure for a healthy boost
Strawberry Fruity Frappe
Juicy fruity pleasure for a healthy boost
Iced Lychee Juice
A unique fusion of sweet and sour for that thirst-quenching refreshment
Chocolate-y guilty pleasure
Perrier Sparkling Water
Have a great mid-day refreshment at your convenience!
Popz (Grapefruit Flavour)
Need your fizzy fix? Look no further!
100% Orange
100% Tangerine Orange Juice with Orange Sacs
Alkaline Water
An eco-friendly alternative to bottled water. With a pH value of 8.0, this alkaline water balances our your body's internal pH and gives you a boost of energy.